Winged Wishes Sent Up Above

White Dove Releases for All Occasions

White Doves have been released at weddings for centuries.  They are a symbol of love, peace and new beginnings.

Whether you choose two doves, representing the unity of life's journey together, or a grandeur of a white flock release, it is sure to be an unforgettable addition to your special day.

Wedding Display Packages These doves are not released they are for display only

Dove Display Package 1 Remembrance Display

One white dove will be on display in a beautiful cage in the location of your choosing in a small ornate cage

Dove Display Package 2 Memorable Wedding Display

Two white doves on display at your ceremony and at the reception in a freestanding cage that can be decorated to match your wedding decor or in two small cages with one dove in each cage

​Dove Display Package 3 Gift Card Wedding Display
Two white doves are on display during your reception on your gift table. In a beautiful white cage that is also a card box for you guest to put cards into

Dove Display Package 4 Corner Arch Display
Two white doves on display with a corner arch back drop.  Two small ornate cages can be hung on the corner arch and the arch can be decorated to match your décor
Dove Display Package 5 The Little Flower Girl Wagon
​So Crazy cute, This little white wagon decorated to match your décor with an ornate dove cage inside with two white doves.  Dragging ribbons and bells with a sign to read Here Comes The Bride on the way down the aisle pulled by the flower girl and then flip the sign to read Just Married after the I Do’s are said.
Wedding Combo Package

Ultimate Wedding Dove Combo

Enjoy the beautiful Dove Display & Release.  Two white doves will be displayed in any location of your choosing during the ceremony either in a single free standing cage as a pair or in two separate smaller cages with a single dove in each cage.  After the ceremony, the Bride and Groom will be given a photo opportunity before personally releasing 2 doves, representing the beginning of their new life 

Dove Release Packages

All of our releases include a poem to be recited just before the birds are released


Package 1 Classic Wedding Dove Release

Two white doves released by the bride and groom either by hand or out of a heart shaped basket.  The two pure white doves being released symbolize the bride and groom being united in marriage and flying off into the world together as a pair

Package 2 The Holy Spirit Release
Three white doves will be released from a basket to symbolize the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit to bring the bride and groom good luck in the many years ahead.

Releasing White Doves have been a tradition for over 4 Thousand years and is an expression of LOVE and INSPIRATION in many cultures.
White doves have been illustrated in art, and recorded in literature for thousands of years. An old-world custom was to release doves at weddings to symbolize blessings, peace, love and prosperity for a married couple. White dove releases were also used at funerals as a freeing of the spirit and at special events to represent love and joy!  White doves play a key role in life’s celebrations because of the beauty and symbolism associated with them.  In Chinese culture doves represent peace and a long life.  The dove also represents peace and love in Christian faiths. You will have seen this theme prominently displayed at Christmas. Indeed, the Bible has referenced the importance of doves many times throughout its different books.

Doves play a huge role in mythology, too. Historically they were associated with the gods and considered sacred. Ancient Greeks and Romans gave white doves as gifts. Doves are considered devoted, loyal, trustworthy and honest. 

To early Greeks and Romans, a dove release was an emblem of love, devotion, and caring. It was the sacred animal of Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love. In these ancient cultures, the groom would give a dove to the bride, symbolizing his promise to care for her and for the family.

In our Dove releases we use special Pure White Homing Pigeons that are trained to return to our home loft in La Plata, MD.  Over generations the doves have been bred for their amazing ability to fly home from distances of up to 600 miles, not to mention their beautiful looks.

White Dove Releases & Displays for Weddings

White Doves at Weddings

Package 3 The Journey Dove Release
The Bride and Groom release four doves out of a larger basket or two doves in each of two smaller baskets released at the same time.  To symbolize both families supporting their union.

Package 4 Memorable Wedding Dove Release
A total of 12 doves released.  The Bride and Groom each release two doves either by hand or from a heart shaped basket, Seconds later a basket of 10 White doves is opened by family members, the bridal party or friends.  These 10 doves will fly into the air and join the two doves released by the bride and groom.  This is an amazing sight to see.Type your paragraph here.

Package 5 Wedding Extravaganza

By far our most intense dove release.  The Bride and Groom will each release two doves, either by hand or from a basket.  Then, the bride and grooms parents will release one dove each.  After the initial 4 doves are released,  each side of the wedding party will open a basket that contains 8 doves each.  All 20 birds will then rejoin in the air, symbolizing the uniting of the families and friends.

Additional Doves added to a release

If there is someone special that has passed away and was not able to attend your wedding, you can release additional "Spirit Dove" to represent the spirit of your loved ones.  These doves will be released just before the "Bride and Groom" release their doves to represent your loved ones helping to guide the bride and groom on their new journey together.