All of our releases include a poem to be recited just before the birds are released

Memorial Release Package 1 The Spirit Dove
One White Dove to symbolize the Spirit of the newly departed will be release at the burial.  This bird will circle overhead before flying off into the heavens.  You release will include a framed copy of the poem you picked

Memorial Release Package 2 The Holy Spirit
Three white doves released from a basket to symbolize The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit to be released at the graveside service.
Memorial Release Package 3 The Holy Trinity
Four doves to be released.  One white dove will be released by hand or from a basket.  To symbolize the spirit of your loved one ascending to the heavens.  The Trinity is the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; therefore three additional doves will be released moments after the initial spirit dove so that all may reunite together for the journey home.
Memorial Release Package 4 A Personal Touch
Only as an addition to another package.  A handler holding the “Spirit Dove” will pass the Spirit Dove around for any family members and friends that would like to touch the Dove or whisper any last words to the bird before it takes flight to the skies to deliver their sentiments to the heavens

Memorial Release Package 5 An Escort from The Past
Additional birds to be added to any of our packages to symbolize each of the loved ones that have already passed on to be released before the spirit bird is released.  These birds will circle overhead waiting for the Spirit bird to be released then once the spirit bird is released they will all take flight to the heavens.  This symbolizes past loved ones waiting and then leading the newly departed spirit to the heavens.

Memorial Display Package 1 Remembrance Display
One white dove will be displayed in a beautiful cage inside the church, chapel or at the grave site during the service.  This is a Display only this Dove will not be released

Memorial Combo Package
Our most popular dove release package combined with or display package.  The Holy Trinity Release will be performed on the day of the service.  We also set up a beautiful dove display during the visitation and again during the service.  The displays can sit attractively next to the guest registry or in another appropriate location.  We will deliver the display prior to the visitation and memorial service start time

If you have other ideas just let us know and we can work with you in any way to make your White Dove Release perfect 

You can choose to release one white dove, representing your loved one's spirit being set free to return home to the heavenly father., or you can release three more white doves, representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit guiding your loved one home.  Some choose a flock of may doves, Symbolic of the thoughts and prayers of those in attendance.  Our birds will bring great comfrot to the grieving family ad friends

Winged Wishes Sent Up Above

White Doves at Memorials

White Dove Releases & Displays for Memorials

"Oh, that I had wings like a dove.  For then I would fly away, and be at rest"

Psalm 55:6

White Dove Releases for All Occasions