A White Dove Release at Weddings are symbolic of celebration, peace, love and serenity.  Wedding doves can represent eternal life, happiness, and unity.  They signify a celebration of your new marriage together.  

The doves are released after the bride and groom are united in marriage.  If the wedding is indoors then we will set the birds up at an outside location at your venue to be released after the ceremony

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The Unity Release

Two doves released by the Bride and Groom from a heart basket.  A hand released can be arranged as well.  These two doves symbolize the bride and groom beginning their new life together


In Loving Memory

A dove released before the Bride and Groom bird is released to symbolize a loved ones spirit who is no longer with you being with you on your special day.  We release their spirit bird into the air just before the bride and grooms birds.


for each Spirit Bird Only as an add on to a release package

Wedding Flock of Doves

Bride and Groom Release two birds to symbolize their new life together then 10 additional birds are released to symbolize two families coming together.  The 10 additional birds can all be released from a single basket or 5 each in two additional baskets with one being released from each side of the new family.  


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