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Funeral and Memorial Releases
"Oh that I had wings like a dove. For I would fly away and be at rest." 

At funeral and memorial services, a white dove release is a peaceful and healing tribute. It is a beautiful way of expressing a final goodbye and of letting go. The releasing of white doves offers a feeling of peace and calmness, helping bring closure to family members of a lost loved one. This is a uniquely heartfelt way to honor your loved one at the grave side services.

White doves released as a memorial will bring tears of closure to the eyes of everyone present as they watch the birds ascend skyward. Moments like these will be etched forever in the minds of your family and friends, creating memories that are cherished for a life-time.

As a NWDRS member we will accommodate each family's individual needs for a loving tribute. We understand your grief and your needs during this time of loss. 

A Single White Dove

The Spirit Dove

Single White Dove Released to symbolize your loved ones spirit taking their final flight home to the heavens


3 White Doves Released

The Holy Trinity

Three White Doves released to symbolize The Holy Trinity The Father, The Son and the Holy Trinity leading your loved ones spirit on their final flight home.


4 White Doves Released

The Spirit & Holy Trinity

Four Doves Released a Single Dove first to symbolize the spirit of your loved one then the Holy Trinity 3 doves to Symbolize the Father, the Son and the holy spirit leading your loved o


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